Top 4 – Retail Store Video Surveillance Improves Customer Service

Hivision 4k 8mp motorized lens turret camera's best installation sydney

A security camera will not only help to deter theft, but it can also help to improve customer service. Ensuring your customers are happy and have a pleasurable experience while shopping is another factor that plays a huge part in your success. With a security camera, you can keep an eye on your employees to ensure that they are delivering adequate service to your customers. Should you notice any inappropriate actions in regard to customer service, you can take appropriate action to educate or even terminate an employee. Additionally, should a customer complain about the service that he or she has received, you can use the footage that your security cameras have captured to assess the claim and prove that the complaint was warranted.

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How much does security cameras installation cost?


If you put in your security camera yourself, then installation won’t cost you a penny. If you favor to possess the pros roll in the hay for you, then you’ll got to drop some dollars thereon service.

DIY security cameras installation

If do security camera installation yourself, then it’s just about free after you buy the equipment.

Most cameras lately aren’t only easy to put in on your own, but also designed to be as pain-free as possible. Some you’ll assail a table, mount on a wall, or attach to a magnetic surface. However, not most are comfortable with drilling into their walls.

The easiest cameras to put in on your own are going to be wire-free, battery-powered cameras . If you’ve got an inside security camera, then those also are quite easy to line up yourself. you only got to put the camera where you would like it and connect the facility cord.

If you get one of the professionally installed Best Home Security Systems we’ve recommended (namely Hikvision or Dahua), you’ll get an installation tech who will install everything for you, including your cameras. 

If you would like to urge an entire network of home security cameras that integrate into your home security system, then it’s much easier to possess knowledgeable install those cameras for you. It’s also easier to possess the pros install video doorbells, so you don’t need to fiddle with electrical wires.

For more price information, please check details of our each security cameras installation package.

Upgrade Of Old Security Cameras

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Many surveillance equipment and systems in Sydney are seriously old, whereas most people still don’t want to get them replaced until they completely break down one day.

Keeping the old wiring security systems can save money, but it faces such pitfalls as corroded joints. For analogue signals transmitted in coaxial lines, seriously oxidized joints will greatly attenuate signals, then, image quality and customer experience would be affected.

Instead of replacing the entire equipment and systems, what we do is, after cleaning the joint with hydrochloric acid, installing the latest colour monitoring equipment to ensure that colour images are provided at night.

A trustworthy company like us is committed to customer satisfaction. If you are planning to upgrade your CCTV in Sydney, please feel free to contact us to get the best solution.

Take A Look At What 4k Lens Brings

4K 8mp cameras motorized lens bullet in edmondson park sydney

There is a kind of beauty comes from 4K lens. The clear presentation gives people a great sense of security.

The fantastic combination of home monitoring — Dahua 4K Zoom Bullet & 4K Turret with 5208 2HDD 300M brings you the ultimate comfort.

Simple picture transmission has well presented the beauty of each corner of the house.

If you would like to have a clear view of your house and surroundings’ beauty, please do not hesitate to contact Aladen Security.

Large House Monitoring

dahua 4k 8m fix lens turret camera's best installation sydney

The 8-megapixel 4K camera is gradually becoming the mainstream in the professional security product market.

A zoom 4K bullet camera might be the best choice if the house is larger, requires more coverage and longer-distance night vision.

In addition, apart from audio input and output, you can add a microphone into your security system.

6 to 8 cameras completely cover the surrounding area of the house. For specific areas, focus 4K turret cameras are recommended to choose.

If you are planning to install or upgrade your security system, please feel free to contact Aladen Security.

The Accomplishment Of Construction

dahua 6 me turret bet installation sydney

Solid installation with sharp image is exactly what customers demand for the security system!

Aladen Security devotes to meeting customers’ expectation with more professional and fine installation!

We’ve been growing!

Plan to install or upgrade your security system? Feel free to contact us!

Video Intercom Systems

Video intercom best installation Cherrybrook sydney

For the sake of extra security and privacy, video intercoms play an indispensable part.

With video intercom, you can see and speak with guests before giving the permission for their entry.

At Aladen Security, only products from reliable brands and suppliers are chosen to serve our customers.

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