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Car Stolen Is Always The Case That Raises People’s Attention To Australian Parking Safety


Do you know that every approximate 12 minutes a car is stolen in Australia?

Here are some actions you need to take to reduce the risk of your car being stolen. Closing all your car windows, ensuring you locking your car and taking the car keys with you are all musts. Most importantly, do not leave any valuables in an unattended car, as it is regarded as an open invitation for thieves.

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Top 1: Retail Video Surveillance Is Helpful to Loss Prevention


Without doubt, one of the top benefits of installing retail store security devices, likes security camera, is that it can help to prevent retail store losses. Theft and shrinkage of inventory are a primary concern for retail store owners. A security camera system will help to cut down on inventory shrinkage and the negative financial impact they will have on your business.

Putting a security camera in your grocery store and retail market is a great way for retail theft prevention. If those who intend on stealing from your store (specialty shops, supermarkets, drug stores, discounters, convenience stores and thrift shops) spot a security camera, they will be much less inclined to proceed with shoplifting. (Lots of stores have their own shoplifting policies.) In the event that a thief does proceed to steal any of your inventories, you will have footage of the thief. This footage will be monitored by your security staff, who will be able to take swift action in stopping the thief in his or her tracks. Additionally, if the thief is not caught on the scene, the footage can be used to identify the thief so that he can be prosecuted.

Top 2: Retail Security System Offers Constant Surveillance


With a security IP camera, you will have constant surveillance (24/7 surveillance) of your retail store, even when you aren’t there. This means that your store will be monitored even after it is closed, and when you’re miles away. Retail stores are often targeted by thieves after working hours, as thieves often assume that there will be less of a chance that they will be caught. With a night vision security camera in place, you will have constant surveillance of your store, even during the hours when the store isn’t open. If criminal activity is detected, the authorities will be notified and they will be able to take action.

Top 3: Grocery Store Security Cameras Prevents Internal Theft


Internal theft is another major concern that can greatly impact the success of your retail store. Statistics show that employee theft makes up 35.8& of inventory shrink in 2015. Even if you do the most extensive background checks of your employees, and those checks do not show reveal any criminal activity, there is still a chance that your employees could steal from your establishment. The presence of video surveillance cameras will deter internal theft, preventing your employees from stealing from your store. Security cameras can also capture visual evidence of any staff members who may be stealing from your store.

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Top 5:Retail Stores with Security Camera Will Have Better Staffing


You can also use your security cameras to ensure your retail establishment is properly staffed. The footage that your cameras pick up will show the ebbs and flows in customer activity. By being able to pinpoint the times when customer volume is high, you will be able to schedule enough employees to ensure all needs are taken care of. Likewise, you will also be able to pinpoint times when customer volume is low, which means that you can decrease the amount of staff you have on, reducing the need to pay workers when their assistance isn’t necessary.